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STOPPLE® Fittings 4-inch and Larger 


STOPPLE® Plugging Fittings are full-branch split tees designed for use with the TDW plugging machines. They are equipped with LOCK-O-RING® flanges and plugs, which are used as a means of recovering the tapping valves after a STOPPLE® plugging operation.

After the plugging job is completed, the LOCK-O-RING® plug is installed in the fitting flange and LOCK-O-RING® segments are extended into a groove in the plug, holding the plug in place. An O-ring in the plug provides a pressure-tight seal. After it has been confirmed pressure tight, the tapping machine and valve are removed, and a blind flange is installed.

At a future date, the blind flange may be removed, a valve installed and the LOCK-O-RING® plug may be removed, regaining access to the pipeline.

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