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LOCK-O-RING® Flanges & Plugs 


LOCK-O-RING® Flanges and Plugs are used as a means of recovering tapping valves after a STOPPLE® Plugging Machine operation. They are used in new construction to permit future expansion of a pipeline or a piping system.

Providing a pressure-tight seal over the tapped holes, LOCK-O-RING® Flanges eliminate the need for valves until such time as valves may be necessary. For example, fittings with LOCK-O-RING® Flanges and Plugs are installed on the line during construction. Later, when branch connections are needed, valves can be installed on the fittings and the LOCK-O-RING® Plugs removed with a tapping machine. In some applications, LOCK-O-RING® Flanges entirely eliminate the need for permanent valves.

LOCK-O-RING® Flanges are drilled and faced to match ASME Class 150, 300 or 600 flanges.

LOCK-O-RING® Flanges are mounted on STOPPLE® Fittings. They are also used on reduced branch fittings and plain nipples.

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