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Case Studies 

Gas Distribution
Gas Pipeline Valve Repair in Remote Jungle Location
Plugging of 18" Gas Pipeline
Texas Gas Requires New Plugging Solution

Onshore Transmission
16" Heavy Oil Emulsion Pipeline
Pig Trap Assessment, Aging Fleet of Pig Traps
Batch Pigging a 42" Southern Access Expansion
34" Block Valve, South European Pipeline / France
48" Pipeline Repair / Antigun Pass, Alaska
Pipeline Insulators / Michigan
30" Gas Pipeline / Wales
42" Natural Gas Pipeline / United States

Offshore Transmission
130 Foot Deep Subsea CATC Gulf Tie-In Solution

Power (Nuclear, Fossil Fuel)
8" Hot Tap Prevents Costly Nuclear Plant Shutdown

Refinery and Petrochemical
Pipeline Replacement Due to Corrosion
Propylene Unit Returned to Full Productivity
West Coast Processing Plant Double Block and Bleed Needed
Frigid Gulf Weather Requires Emergency Response

Water and Waste Water
Record Setting Plugging Project in Baltimore
Chicago O'Hare Modernization Project, High Pressure Water Main Relocation
91" Water Line, The Giant M
Baltimore 96" Tap and Plug
Metro Vancouver, 36 inch Line Isolation
10" Valve Insertion for City of Calgary
102" Concrete Hot Tap in Las Vegas