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TDW Video Library 

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T.D. Williamson "Who We Are"

Offshore Transmission

Angel Field Project Case History - SubSea Hot Tap and Tie In
North Sea Pipeline Isolation Case History - SmartPlug® and TDW Offshore Services
SmartPlug® Pressure Test Offshore Valve - Video Animation
SmartPlug® Riser Repair Offshore Platform - Video Animation
SmartPlug® Valve Replacement - Video Animation
TDW Offshore Services - Enterprise Offshore Platform Repair
TDW Offshore Services - SmartPlug® Setting Sequence
Subsea 1200RC Tapping Machine NEW!

Hot Tapping and Plugging Services

Austin, Texas Case History - STOPPLE® Train Plugging System
Baltimore Plugging Project Case History - Largest Plugging Project

Chicago O'Hare Modernization Project - Case History
Hot Tapping and Plugging for HPI - Video Animation
Hot Tapping and Plugging for Onshore Transmission - Video Animation
Mumbai International Airport Jet Fuel Line Bypass - Case History
Nuclear Power Plant Plugging Project Case History - STOPPLE® Plugging System
Small Diameter Water Services - Case History Demonstrations
STOPPLE® Train Plugging System - Live Demonstration
STOPPLE® Train Plugging System - Video Animation
TDW Services - Folding Plugging Heads Demonstration

Pigging Products

SmartTrap® Automated Combo Pigging System NEW!
Pig Launching and Receiving - Video Animation
PIG-SIG® V - Installation Video
Solvent-Free Pig Washer - Live Demonstration
TDW Pigging Products - Slide Show of all Pigging Products
V-Jet® Corrosion Tool - Video Animation NEW!

Pipeline Services

Assessment, Preparation, Cleaning and Rehabilitation
Composite Wrap - Live Demonstration
In-Service Welding Case History - 36" Natural Gas Transmission Line
TDW Pipeline Services - Merida Natural Gas Line Cleaning

Inline Inspection

SpirALL™ Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology
Guadalajara, Mexico Case History - Inline Inspection Tools
Mapping and Geometry Inspection Case History - KALIPER® Tool 360
MFL Deformation and Mapping - New Pipeline Construction Inspection


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