Value of Quality Products and Services

The Value of Quality Products and Services

Quality impacts everything that TDW does. It is integral to the company’s core value of integrity, and its impact is far reaching. Through a focus on process control, waste reduction, and risk management, TDW quality minimizes waste, enhances value, protects Health, Safety and the Environment.

That’s why TDW delivers the highest quality products and services. TDW anticipates and responds to the maintenance needs of owners and operators of pressurized piping systems with innovative solutions that leverage the company’s unique operating and technical capabilities

By focusing on continually improving processes, products and services, TDW helps operators minimize their risk and maximize utilization of their assets.

Quality management system

To support these goals, TDW has established a quality management system based on the fundamentals of ISO 9001, with a focus on continuous improvement and risk reduction.

The TDW Quality Management System (QMS) focuses efforts on:

  • Quality Control – conformance through detection.
  • Quality Assurance – consistency through prevention.
  • Quality Improvement – continual improvement through focused improvement activities.


The quality process

TDW has adopted a process approach to developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of our QMS to enhance customer satisfaction and consistently meet customer requirements. 

The QMS process model below illustrates the closed-loop interaction of resources and activities that transform inputs (customer requirements) into outputs (customer satisfaction). Through this process, TDW constantly monitors customer satisfaction and uses that input to find areas for improvement.