Keeping Safety at the Forefront

TDW has employees working all around the world.

That means we’ve had to master the balancing act of developing globally consistent safety defenses with specific regional considerations. Each of our operational regions, for example, has its own governmental and regulatory requirements. Each has different geopolitical considerations, cultures, and climates, too.

Global Competency Framework

One of the ways TDW responds to that challenge – and maintains safe environments for both employees and customers – is through training and communication.

Our training program, which we call our Framework of Competency, includes three levels:

  • Awareness: Covers occupational health and/or industrial safety basics, such as electrical safety and recognizing fire hazards.
  • Skill Based: Teaches safe behaviors that help workers avoid accidents and injuries, from properly moving heavy equipment to safe pig loading.
  • Competence: Equips staff to take a more active role in preventing and responding to safety risks, such as serving as a fire marshal and conducting drills.

These training levels vary and are customized by region, but they all share a common goal: to ensure our people – no matter where they’re based – know when it’s safe to do a job and when it’s not safe.

Stop Work Authority

One thing that doesn’t change from location to location: all of our employees are empowered with “Stop Work" authority.” If a staff member identifies a potentially unsafe work situation, such as poor trenching or inappropriate rigging, they are expected to halt all work – without risk of disciplinary action – until the hazard is eliminated or suitable controls have been put in place.


In addition to training our own people, TDW works closely with clients’ and subcontractors’ safety teams to make sure there’s a consistent approach to safety defenses and responses on TDW worksites worldwide.