At TDW, we take our charge to safeguard the environment very seriously. That means we diligently evaluate our work processes to prevent adverse impacts to the air, water, and living creatures. We have programs in place to make sure we comply with all government regulations. We follow industry best practices. If the unthinkable happens, and something goes wrong, we have response plans ready to keep environmental impact to a minimum.

We’ve found that one of the best ways to protect the communities in which we operate is to build environmental safeguards directly into our products and services.

Our SmartPlug® isolation technology, for example, offers several features that protect the environment:

  • The technology, which makes it possible to isolate pipelines at high operating pressures, eliminates the need to blow down the entire pipeline system. This feature minimizes the release of hydrocarbon vapors and reduces the risk of environmental disasters.
  • The elimination of blow down means there’s no need to flare gas, which would release the greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere.
  • There’s no need to treat chemicals or dispose of contaminated water before re-commissioning the pipeline system, eliminating the risk of polluting natural water systems.

Our STOPPLE® Train isolation technology is designed with environmental protection in mind, too:

  • The double block-and-bleed isolation system requires no product release.
  • Because this method utilizes a bleed port between its two seals, the port captures any product that potentially escapes the first seal and moves it to a safe location.

A number of our maintenance services have built-in environmental benefits, including: