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Preparing Our Future Workforce: TDW in Tulsa

The disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math are collectively called “STEM.” Like the stem of a plant, this collection supports the entire base of our operations. The skills and knowledge in each individual discipline are essential for student success, and the connection among all four is deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. 

Today, jobs in STEM fields already outnumber qualified STEM job seekers – and that imbalance will only grow as the number of STEM jobs increases by a projected 19 percent over the next decade, almost twice the rate of non-STEM jobs. Unfortunately, many students around the world are not graduating prepared to enter this STEM-based workforce. Too few of our young people receive adequate educational opportunities in STEM, and as a result, they rarely view these disciplines as career choices. 

At TDW, we are seeking to change that.

TDW fosters our future

We believe that all young people should be prepared to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who will solve tomorrow’s challenges around the world. Tulsa-based TDW employees have taken on a leading role in our communities to help develop STEM education programs for our next generation of engineers and technical professionals. 

“I am a strong supporter of developing STEM education programs so that together we can create ongoing career opportunities for the next generation of technical professionals,” says Stephen, a pigging product manager. “These students are the future of our industry, and the support that T.D. Williamson employees give them only enhances our drive to identify, develop, and execute challenging solutions for customers around the world.”

In our initiative to build the future workforce, Stephen and his troupe of volunteers are extremely active in supporting STEM-related activities throughout the year. From mentoring a high school robotics team to delivering “Day in the Life” career presentations for high school students to leading active roles in outreach that encourages girls toward STEM careers, our Tulsa employees contribute to youth understanding and interest in pursuing technical careers even as they teach them more about TDW as a company and the pipeline industry.

We are excited to see this STEM movement gaining acceleration as our support and volunteer contributions grow.

“I want to empower them to succeed in their individual future careers,” Stephen concludes. “I am excited that TDW continues supporting, mentoring, and promoting STEM literacy in our community.”