Food Banks and Distribution Centers

Food Banks and Distribution Centers

According to the United Nations, more than 1 in 9 people are food-insecure across the globe. And no region is immune: every community where TDW operates is at risk. This is why the TDW commitment to food banks around the world is one of our most powerful partnerships.

In our efforts to combat this crisis, every TDW Community Relations Committee (CRC) supports projects to collect food and funds for local food banks or distribution centers and organizes volunteer opportunities for employees to serve meals and package or distribute food.

It all starts with nutrition. The TDW Global Community Relations department recognizes that good nutrition and access to food is critical to health and prevention of disease, proper growth and brain development, and success in life and in work – which is why our partnership with food banks and food distribution centers around the world is of utmost importance. 

In 2014, 27.6 percent of our United States charitable giving and 61.9 percent of our global charitable giving was invested in basic needs and health initiatives, including the battle against hunger.

Food drives fight hunger

One fun aspect of our hunger-combating partnership is our annual food drive competition. Individual offices set up donation barrels for nonperishable goods, along with collection jars for dropping in cash donations. The location that collects the most within the determined time period is named the winner and receives the honor of having their location name and winning year etched onto the coveted “TDW Food Drive” plaque, which then hangs in their lobby until the contest begins the following year. This annual event not only helps bond our employees around the country, but also makes us aware of the tremendous need in every location.

The food drive competition has collected impressive amounts of food and financial contributions for area food banks and distribution centers over the years. Company-wide, our 2015 drive collected 2,208.4 pounds of food for our local food banks to help feed hungry people.

And our partnerships against hunger are not limited to the United States. We collected another 1,500 pounds of food internationally, bringing our total worldwide donations up to 3,708.4 pounds of food for the year.

In our United Kingdom office, ongoing activities support the Swindon Food Bank. UK CRC raises money at bake-offs, hosts food drives, and sponsors fundraising events to help make a difference in the lives of the tens of thousands in the community who go hungry. The CRC also matches funds for many of these events.

In our Far East Asia locations, food collection and distribution is a large part of almost every activity we support in our communities. In addition to office-based food drives, our CRCs organize TDW volunteers to sort and label canned goods at local food banks, and the company provides grants to support the work of local food banks.