Partners in Education

Partners in Education

T.D. Williamson, Sr., always believed that education was the door to future success. A great education leads to a lifelong love of learning and helps build the next generation of innovators. As a company, TDW believes that every child deserves a chance for a quality education, and so we take our education partnerships very seriously.

Education is one of our most important partnerships; from preschool to post-graduate, we aspire to provide opportunities to students in our communities. Our education partnerships inspire through innovative teaching, break down barriers to education, open doors to economic opportunity, and foster the valuable human resources of this generation and the next.

The company invests through a combination of grants to educational innovation initiatives, community-based partner schools, scholarships, early childhood education, and after-school programs that provide development to at-risk students.

In 2014, 28.7 percent of our United States charitable giving and 12.8 percent of our global charitable giving was invested in educational initiatives.

Education for all

Our company’s commitment to education goes beyond financial contributions. In addition to donating dollars for eductional programs, our employees invest time as mentors, volunteers, and presenters to help students succeed in their education and empower them to employability. TDW encourages our employees into active service with our partner schools to provide role models and basic needs items, participate in school celebrations, and participate in mentoring programs.

Across the world, TDW volunteers support education in a variety of programs, including:

  • Providing a group to work with the engineering team at our partner high schools.
  • Bringing office supplies to our partner elementary schools.
  • Supporting a teaching garden in a low-income school in the United States.
  • Purchasing desks, school uniforms, school supplies, and a cooler to provide potable water for our students in India.
  • Celebrating holidays with music and meals with our young students in Indonesia.
  • Supporting special needs children in Thailand.
  • Granting university scholarships to bright but high-poverty students.
  • Mentoring students all over the world.

No matter the focus, our goal is the same: to encourage and empower all children and families in the communities we operate in to succeed in life and career.