Company Culture

Here, Interdependence is a Company-Wide Value 

Our employees are located across the globe, but that doesn’t stop us from working together toward a common goal of extreme customer commitment.  We have a culture of interdependence—a tightly knit community of collaboration. 

Our culture is an integral part of how we do business.  To deliver exceptional customer value, we need employees who feel supported and celebrated.  That’s why we’ve made the following part of life at TDW:

Fostering Excellence

Fostering Excellence

By working together, our employees foster a culture where creativity is celebrated. Our Wall of Patents is an example of the hard work and innovation found in our company. Our employees are encouraged to be their best—and bring out the best in each other.

Global Awareness

Global Presence

We have locations across the world, which simply makes us a bigger family. Our global presence opens us up to different world views and new ways of doing business—and our employees learn to work together across all cultures and environments. 


Celebrating Our People

At TDW, we recruit top talent—and we show it! Our 25 Year Club recognizes individuals with long careers here. And every year, we give the Nichols and Hogan Awards to two employees who exhibit loyalty and a willingness to help our customers succeed. These awards are named after two employees whose dedication has become part of our culture.


Commitment to Safety

Our focus on quality, health, safety, and environment is upheld by every employee, and impacts every product and service offering. This commitment is a top priority and something that we continue to improve through education and inspection processes.

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Community Impact

Giving back to the communities in which we operate is an integral part of our long-term corporate culture. We encourage all employees to participate in volunteer opportunities within their local communities or to support fellow team members during times of struggle through our internal assistance program.  

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