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Wet Buckle

During subsea pipeline laying, a lay barge sends a long string of pipe down to the ocean floor. If the pipeline collapses due to buckling, it can rupture, flooding the line. The flooded pipeline can weigh down the barge, pulling it down and risking the safety of personnel and onboard equipment, as well as requiring a costly dewatering process for the affected area.

TDW technology can help Offshore Pipeline operators in the offshore pipeline market quickly isolate the pipeline segment in the presence of a wet buckle incident, which can help:

  • Reduce the consequences of a wet buckle to personnel and equipment.
  • Prevent flooding of the entire pipeline.
  • Save money and repair time by preventing the need to clean and dewater the pipeline.
  • Keep subsea pipeline laying projects safe, on time, and on budget.
  • Protect the lay barge from harm caused by a flooded pipeline.



When used during pipe laying projects, non-intrusive inline isolation technology protects the lay vessel and prevents flooding of the pipeline during a wet buckle incident. When it senses seawater or a change in pressure, the technology quickly isolates water in a small section of pipe, allowing Offshore Pipeline operators to remove the affected section without the need to dewater the entire line.

  • SmartLay™ pipeline flooding prevention system  – This rapid response isolation tool prevents flooding during subsea pipe laying by instantly sealing off the affected area when it senses seawater ingress, pressure difference, or obstruction. By isolating the flooding in a small segment of pipeline, the SmartLay tool prevents the need to dewater the entire pipeline and mitigates risk to personnel and equipment from the water-heavy pipeline pulling down the pipe laying vessel.