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Paraffin Wax Removal

Maintaining throughput in Offshore Pipeline pipelines is challenging enough without wax buildup adding another layer of complexity. Left in place, accumulated wax can significantly reduce flow diameter, operating capacity, and production, resulting in lost profits. With flow-restricting waxy crude present in fields worldwide, cleaning regimens that clear out wax are essential.

TDW offers a suite of pigging solutions to locate and scrape wax (i.e., paraffin) build-up from pipe walls. By providing the most effective wax removal tools, TDW helps operators:

  • Maintain flow efficiency.
  • Improve operating capacity and throughput.
  • Save money compared to expensive chemical treatments.
  • Reduce overall cost and safety of operations and maintenance by minimizing the number of pig runs.
  • Avoid production shutdowns.



The needs of Offshore Pipeline operators are unique. But with decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and operating pigging products, TDW can determine the best pigging strategy to remediate your current conditions and improve flow. That can include a progressive pigging program in which a series of increasingly aggressive pigs is sent through the pipeline to break up and remove wax, and eliminate other dirt and debris.

Wax removal is also an important step prior to inline inspection (ILI). Clean pipes ensure better data capture by ILI tools, for more reliable results.

Pigs for wax removal:

  • OptionAll™ cleaning pig – Effective for cleaning, maintenance, batching, and displacement, and can be customized with attachments appropriate for clearing pipeline solids, including discs, cups, magnets, brushes, and blades.
  • VANTAGE® V cleaning pig – A multi-use pig that can be equipped with urethane blades for removing gummy deposits and scraper discs to clean both hard and soft deposits.
  • PitBoss™ cleaning pig – Designed to remove soft to medium-hard deposits from internal pits.
  • FJR/JRN cleaning pig – Equipped with wire brushes and urethane scraper cups to remove contaminants and deposits from pipelines.
  • REDSKIN™ foam pig – Available in five different configurations, including a urethane cleaning wrap with bypass grooves that is effective for removing soft deposits such as wax.
  • WCK cleaning pig – Built to remove pipeline contaminants and deposits, with an outlet port at the pig’s front end to prevent loosened material from piling up. Available in a dual diameter model for cleaning multiple sizes of pipe in one run.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the path to a solution requires consultation.