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Platform Protection During Construction and Lifting Operations

Despite rigorous regulations concerning heavy lift operations during the construction of offshore assets, objects such as construction materials and equipment are occasionally dropped onto platforms or subsea pipelines. This can result in dents or leaks that are potentially hazardous to personnel and the environment, and can be costly in terms of product loss.

In order to improve the safety of Offshore Pipeline work zones, TDW can isolate sections of pipeline that fall in the potential dropped object zone around a platform. The TDW suite of isolation solutions enables offshore operators to:

  • Safely isolate pipeline segments around the dropped object zone without reducing pipeline pressure.
  • Keep the pipeline and platform live during construction.
  • Reduce consequences of damage to the pipeline and prevent flashback to the platform.
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Reduce cost and shorten project timelines.



By isolating pipeline sections during platform construction and pipe lay, TDW helps Offshore Pipeline operators reduce risks related to dropped objects, including leaks, spills, and other personnel and environmental hazards

  • SmartPlug® isolation technology – TDW double block and monitor isolation technology saves time, money, and the environment by eliminating or drastically reducing the need to blow down the pipeline segment during interventions, minimizing the release of hydrocarbons. The SmartPlug non-intrusive inline isolation system also makes it possible for hydrostatic testing to take place immediately after isolation. 
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) – An EPRS is a structured plan designed to facilitate the rapid and safe repair of damaged pipelines and platforms. In order to help operators implement their EPRS, TDW provides safe access to work areas. By offering dedicated, specialized personnel, non-intrusive, double block and monitor isolation, and hot tapping and plugging equipment and services, TDW enables operators to more quickly return assets to pre-incident condition.