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Chemical Application

Chemical applications play a valuable role in cleaning pipelines and helping operators prevent pipeline corrosion. When used for cleaning, chemicals soften and break up tough deposits that, if not removed, can lead to costly damage and reduced flow. When used for corrosion control, well applied chemical corrosion inhibitors help pipeline owners and operators keep corrosion to a minimum and extend the life of their lines.

TDW chemical application solutions enable Offshore Pipeline operators to:

  • Distribute chemicals thoroughly and evenly.
  • Augment mechanical cleaning programs.
  • Prevent corrosion.
  • Curtail the spread of existing corrosion to avoid costly pipeline failures.



TDW provides multiple solutions to thoroughly disburse chemical treatments for pipeline cleaning and corrosion control. Offshore Pipeline operators also can choose from a wide selection of cleaning pigs that can be used to move unwanted substances out of the line after chemicals have softened deposits and broken them up. 

Chemical application pigs:

  • V-Jet® corrosion inhibitor pig – Provides a complete coating for all pipe wall surfaces. Uses bypass flow as an inductive driving force, literally sucking up residual corrosion inhibitor that has dropped to the bottom of the pipe wall and spraying it onto the inside top portion. Also proven successful for chemical cleaning.
  • V-Jet® VXP corrosion inhibitor pig – Offers the same benefits of the V-Jet corrosion inhibitor pig, but designed for smaller pipeline diameters. 

Cleaning pigs:

  • REDSKIN™ foam pig – Available with bristle stripes that allow the pigs to easily clean the pipeline with a low probability of becoming lodged or stuck. Well designed for unknown bend designs, low flow, and low pressure operating systems.
  • OptionAll™ cleaning pig – A versatile pig available in multiple configurations. Blades and brushes are easily added for pipeline cleaning and maintenance.    
  • X-Pig® multi-purpose utility pig – A truly all-urethane pig that provides the flexibility needed for tight pipeline turns in cleaning, batching, and displacement operations.
  • VANTAGE® V cleaning pig – A multi-use pig designed to remove both hard, crust-like and soft, gummy deposits, as well as ferrous materials.
  • WCK cleaning pig – Removes contaminants and deposits.
  • PitBoss™ cleaning pig – Removes soft to medium-hard deposits from internal pits. 

For pipelines with severe internal build-up, TDW can create and implement a customized progressive pigging program in which a series of increasingly aggressive pigs is sent through the pipeline to break up and eliminate wax, solids, and other dirt and debris.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the operator’s path to a solution requires consultation.