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When a deepwater pipeline requires maintenance or repair, traditional hot tapping and intrusive isolation may not be a viable solution to facilitate the work due to access limitations. Through non-intrusive inline isolation technology, however, TDW helps pipeline operators safely isolate sections of deepwater pipeline to be repaired.

In the Offshore Pipeline market, these solutions for line access enable operators to:

  • Keep the line in service while remediation takes place.
  • Save time and money through minimally invasive technologies.
  • Avoid bleeding down the entire pipeline.
  • Keep the line in compliance with company, industry, and regulatory standards.





In the Offshore Pipeline market, risk reduction is of utmost importance. TDW offers safe, proven hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) solutions for a wide array of pipeline defects and maintenance challenges from dents to corrosion to valve failure. 

TDW technicians, who have a long track record of successful offshore projects around the globe, ensure that the work entrusted to the company is done efficiently with minimal interruption to product flow

TDW isolation technology plays a critical role in this process, and when combined with temporary bypass, it allows repairs to be performed without the need to stop product flow. The Subsea 1200RC tapping machine, for example, is a topside-driven hot tap machine that can be safely operated down to a depth of 3,000 meters (9842.5 feet). The machine has proven to be a highly reliable shallow and deep-water solution.

Whether operators are purchasing equipment to perform their own HT&P jobs or turning to TDW to execute the service, they can rely on the TDW line of equipment and consumables.

To prepare for future challenges, operators also have the option of creating an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS), which equips them to take a proactive approach to pipeline emergencies. By working with TDW to create a custom system, operators will have planning and resources in place to repair and recommission their pipelines — and restore product flow — in the shortest time possible.


Non-intrusive inline isolation technology makes it possible for Offshore Pipeline operators to safely perform deepwater pipeline maintenance or repairs without the need to bleed down the existing pipeline.

In addition, as these types of lines are difficult to reach in the case of accidental damage, an Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) – replete with immediately accessible isolation service – can be put in place as a safeguard to mitigate any accidental damage.

  • SmartPlug® isolation tool – Double block and monitor inline isolation technology from TDW minimizes pipeline disruption by eliminating or drastically reducing the need to blow down the pipeline segment during repair, minimizing the release of hydrocarbons. This system also makes it possible for hydrostatic testing to take place immediately after isolation, and is tracked, positioned, controlled, and monitored through the SmartTrack™ system.