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Material Properties Identification

Using the first comprehensive positive material identification (PMI) process in the industry, TDW provides the Offshore Pipeline market with the ability to identify and compare material properties in various pipeline sections. Pipeline owners and operators can use our suite of products to record and group pipe grade and other material properties in-situ, without using destructive techniques or causing downtime.

Material properties identification services will enable operators to:

  • Identify and record material property differences in hundreds or thousands of pipeline joints.
  • Compare materials to find abnormal pipe joints and assess need for repair.
  • Avoid costly destructive evaluations and pipeline downtime.
  • Keep lines running safely and efficiently, in compliance with company, industry, and regulatory standards.



Through advanced inline inspection (ILI) technology used to identify, record, compare and group pipe joints by their material characteristics, TDW helps Offshore Pipeline operators avoid multiple runs and unnecessary excavations, saving time while lowering operational risks and costs.

  • Multiple Dataset (MDS) platform Combines multiple technologies to generate comprehensive, critical information in a single tool run. MDS can perform a pipe joint classification (PJC) to group joints by their characteristics such as bore, seam versus seamless, and/or seam traits, for example. PJC is used to close material records gaps that may exist.
  • XYZ Mapping (XYZ) – Supplies highly accurate location information by pairing global positioning system (GPS) coordinates with inertial mapping.