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Liquids Removal

Managing pipeline liquids – whether it’s displacing condensates from wet-gas systems to increase flow efficiency or removing water from crude oil pipelines before it can settle and promote corrosion growth – is critical to the overall integrity of pressurized piping systems.

Maintaining reliability and performance aren’t the only reasons that liquids removal is important, however. With increased production from wet gas fields, capturing valuable natural gas liquids (NGLs) has become a growing revenue source for many operators.

TDW offers a complete line of pigging products to help Offshore Pipeline operators remove and recover liquids in order to:

  • Optimize wellhead capacity.
  • Optimize product volume within the pipeline.
  • Prevent liquids from overloading refinery receiving tanks.
  • Capture valuable NGLs.
  • Prevent corrosion from forming when liquids collect in low-lying areas of the pipe.



TDW provides Offshore Pipeline operators a variety of pigging solutions for removing liquids from pipelines, including displacement pigs and spheres designed to provide optimal performance in a variety of pipeline products

Pigging products for liquids removal include:

  • UNISPHERE™ pig – Heavy-duty inflatable spheres that remove liquid hydrocarbons and water from pipelines and piping systems.
  • OptionALL™ batching pig – Designed for light cleaning, line filling and dewatering, batch separation, and liquid removal.
  • VANTAGE® V batching pig – Used for batching, displacing, and light cleaning.
  • ULTRA™ pig – All-urethane pigs that are batching- and displacement-capable.
  • X-Pig® multi-purpose utility tool – Flexible and versatile all-urethane pig can negotiate tight pipeline turns and is appropriate for cleaning, batching, and displacement operations.
  • VANTAGE® + pig – Can be used for batching and displacement; flexible in tight bend pipelines and can traverse a 20 percent reduction in interior pipe diameter.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the path to a solution requires consultation.