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Foreign Objects Inside Pipeline

Tools, debris, or other foreign objects can be left in a pipeline following construction, maintenance, or repair. These objects obstruct pipelines, damage pigs or inline inspection tools, and cause build-up that decreases product throughput. Foreign objects can create spots where corrosion can occur, and they can also cause failure in a valve or pump.

In the Offshore Pipeline market, TDW offers solutions to remove foreign objects from within a pipeline, allowing operators to:

  • Increase throughput.
  • Mitigate risk to pigs or inline inspection tools.
  • Prevent obstruction and flow blockage that can require line intervention to fix.
  • Keep the pipeline running safely and in compliance with regulations.



While pigging is often used to remove contaminants and deposits from the pipe wall, it is also used to sweep or push out foreign objects and obstructions left in the line, often from construction or maintenance activities. Removing foreign objects is critical to maximizing throughput as well as for protecting pigs and inline inspection tools. 

TDW offers Offshore Pipeline operators a full suite of pigging solutions to remove pipeline debris.

  • VANTAGE® V cleaning pig – Multi-use pig designed to remove both hard, crust-like, and soft, gummy deposits, as well as ferrous materials.
  • PitBoss™ cleaning pig – Removes soft to medium-hard deposits from internal pits, which is essential to improving the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors.
  • WCK cleaning pigRemoves contaminants and deposits that increase resistance to flow.
  • REDSKIN™ foam pigs – Used for light cleaning; one version incorporates a urethane cleaning wrap with bypass a groove that effectively removes paraffin and other soft deposits that could lead to corrosion.
  • V-Jet® corrosion inhibitor pig – Sprays corrosion inhibitor onto the hard-to-reach inside top portion of multi-phase gas gathering and transmission lines.
  • OptionAll™ batching pigs – Designed for light cleaning, line filling and dewatering, batch separation, and liquid removal.
  • VANTAGE® V batching pig – Multi-use pigs used for batching, displacing, and light cleaning,
  • UNISPHERE™ pig – Provides heavy-duty removal of liquid hydrocarbons and water from pipelines and piping systems.