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Dropped Objects

Dropped objects – such as construction materials or equipment – are a major threat to subsea pipelines and offshore platforms. Typically dropped from construction or drilling vessels, these objects can strike subsea pipelines, causing dents or even ruptures that can result in costly product loss and potentially harming personnel and the environment. TDW enhances the safety of offshore work zones by isolating sections of pipeline within the potential dropped object zone around a platform.

In the Offshore Pipeline market, the TDW suite of isolation solutions enables offshore operators to:

  • Safely isolate pipeline segments around the dropped object zone without bleeding down the entire pipeline.
  • Allow the pipeline and platform to stay live during construction.
  • Reduce consequences of damage to the pipeline and prevent flashback to the platform.
  • Stay in compliance with regulations.
  • Reduce cost and shorten project timeline.



Non-intrusive inline isolation technology makes it possible for Offshore Pipeline operators to isolate sections of pipeline near the dropped object zone during offshore platform construction. It also allows tie-in on a section of a high-pressure pipeline with minimal interference to the pipeline.

  • SmartPlug® isolation technology – TDW double block and monitor isolation technology saves time, money, and the environment by eliminating or drastically reducing the need to blow down the pipeline segment during interventions, minimizing the release of hydrocarbons. The SmartPlug non-intrusive inline isolation system also makes it possible for hydrostatic testing to take place immediately after isolation.
  • Emergency Pipeline Repair System (EPRS) – This system consists of customized products, services – including the SmartPlug isolation system – and equipment put in place before the occurrence of possible dropped-object damage. The EPRS is executed immediately after an incident, swiftly correcting the problem and reducing downtime by months.