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Removal of Pipeline Anomalies

For Liquids Transmission operators, removing pipeline anomalies is a sound business strategy. And for operators of regulated lines, it’s a requirement. Codes often specify that pipeline defects must be removed once they are identified and verified.

TDW provides a variety of services to help pipeline owners and operators maintain a safe pipeline by remediating defects, including:

  • Cleaning with pigs to prepare pipelines prior to repair or replacement.
  • Non-intrusive inline isolation (NII) that enables repair and replacement of pipeline sections without reducing pipeline pressure.
  • Hot tapping and plugging services that are used with bypasses to allow work to proceed at operating pressure during defect removal.




Isolation operations are often necessary to facilitate the repair or replacement of a pipeline section. In order to ensure that the isolation tool’s plugging heads seal effectively the first time – reducing turnaround and downtime – it’s essential to clean the pipe walls of wax, debris, sediment, and other materials.

TDW can help Liquids Transmission operators select and deploy the appropriate pig for the purpose, pipeline, and product.

Pigs for cleaning:

  • OptionALL™ cleaning pig – Effective for cleaning, maintenance, batching, and displacement. Can be customized with attachments appropriate for clearing pipeline solids, including discs, cups, magnets, brushes, and blades.
  • VANTAGE® V cleaning pig – A multi-use pig that can be equipped with brushes to remove hard, crust-like deposits, urethane blades for removing gummy deposits, scraper discs to clean both hard and soft deposits, and magnet kits to remove ferrous material.
  • PitBoss™ cleaning pig – Designed to remove soft to medium-hard deposits from internal pits.
  • FJR/JRN cleaning pig – Equipped with wire brushes and urethane cups to remove contaminants and deposits from pipelines.
  • VANTAGE®+ cleaning pig – Multi-use pigs that can remove hard internal pipe deposits such as mill scale, crust, and calcium deposits as well as thick, soft contaminants including sludge and mud.
  • REDSKIN™ foam pig – Available in five different configurations, including the REDSKIN RoughRider® pig for removing hard deposits.
  • WCK cleaning pig – Built to remove pipeline contaminants and deposits, with an outlet port at the pig’s front end to prevent loosened material from piling up. Available in a dual diameter model for cleaning multiple sizes of pipe in one run.
  • Pencil brush cleaning pig – Heavy duty, aggressive, and effective at removing black powder and cleaning deposits from internal pits. Removable bypass plugs provide jetting action to improve cleaning effectiveness.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the operator’s path to a solution requires consultation.


In the Liquids Transmission market, where pipeline shutdown often is not an option, TDW offers safe and efficient hot tapping and plugging (HT&P) solutions for a wide array of pipeline defects and maintenance challenges, from dents to corrosion to valve failure.

The HT&P process incorporates a high pressure pipeline fitting, valve, tapping machine, and isolation equipment – all working together to provide a safe and proven isolation solution. Once the area of pipeline that needs work has been safely isolated and evacuated, the line modification can be performed.

TDW isolation technology plays a critical role in this process and, combined with a temporary bypass, allows work to be performed without the need to stop product flow. The TDW STOPPLE® Train  isolation system, for example, uses double block and bleed technology to help increase efficiency and safety during pipeline modification. This approach to line isolation, which only requires a single pipeline tap, reduces costs associated with fittings, valves, welding, and inspection services. The bleed port affixed on the line ensures that any product that bypasses the first seal is contained and evacuated through the bleed port, which helps operators better protect people and the environment.

Whether operators purchase equipment to perform their own HT&P jobs or turn to TDW to execute the service for them, they can rely on the company’s broad line of equipment and consumables. TDW application engineers are recognized industry experts, ready to assist operators through each project phase – from start to finish.