A pipeline rupture is a catastrophic incident requiring immediate repair. TDW offers a suite of solutions and technology to quickly isolate and facilitate repair of the rupture. 

The comprehensive technology from TDW enables Hydrocarbon Processing market operators to:

  • Quickly and safely mitigate risk to personnel and the environment.
  • Perform remediation safely while the line remains in service.
  • Restore the pipeline back to compliance with company, industry, and regulatory standards.
  • Save time and money through efficient technologies.
  • Avoid bleeding down the entire pipeline.

Additionally, a full line of TDW inline inspection tools provides thorough pipeline integrity evaluation for operators with previously ruptured or at-risk pipelines.



For pipelines at risk for rupture, pigging assists Hydrocarbon Processing operators in finding defects and possible causes of rupture by cleaning the pipeline prior to evaluation with inline inspection tools. This helps improve data capture and produce the most accurate information about necessary repairs.

  • VANTAGE® V cleaning pig  – Multi-use pig designed to remove both hard, crust-like and soft, gummy deposits, as well as ferrous materials.
  • WCK cleaning pig  – Removes contaminants and deposits that increase resistance to flow.
  • REDSKIN™ foam pig  – Used for light cleaning; one version incorporates a urethane cleaning wrap with bypass grooves that effectively removes paraffin and other soft deposits that could lead to corrosion.
  • UNISPHERE™ pig – Provides heavy-duty removal of liquid hydrocarbons and water from pipelines and piping systems.

Technical assistance is available from TDW subject matter experts for special circumstances or if the path to a solution requires consultation.