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When Faster Doesn't Mean Better (September 2013 Pipeline & Gas Journal)

Can't Stop The Music (November 2013 World Pipelines)



Automated Pigging Solutions For Unconventional Plays (December 2012 Pipeline & Gas Journal)
Breakthrough In Inhibitor Science Fights Internal Corrosion (July 2012 Pipeline & Gas Journal)
Remote-Controlled Hot Tapping Subsea (August 2012 Oilfield Technology)
Technology To Tap Into (May 2012 World Pipelines)
Pipeline Pigging Q&A (February 2012 World Pipelines)
Keeping Tabs (November 2011 World Pipelines)
Verifying Material Integrity (January 2012 World Pipelines)
Advances in Magnetic Pipeline Inspection (August 2011 World Pipelines)
Handling the Heat
(July 2011 Hydrocarbon Engineering)
Enhanced Pipeline Seam Assessment 
(Pipeline & Gas Journal)
Preparing for Service (March 2011 World Pipelines)
Navigating the Network (January 2011 World Pipelines)
Pig Trap Design and Assessment Considerations (January 2011 Pipeline & Gas Journal)
Improving Corrosion Inhibition (January 2011 - Pipeline & Gas Technology)
Pipeline Failure in the Mediterranean Sea ( January 2011 World Pipeline)
Wet-Applied Wrap Helps Restore Pipeline (Pipeline and Gas Technology)