Shareholder return, increasing regulation, a more involved public, and the ever-present need for risk reduction and mitigation. Simply put, managing pipelines and processing plants is an often overwhelming challenge. Innovations™ magazine, however, makes it slightly more manageable. 

From industry innovation, to market trending and analysis, the editorial staff at Innovations™ magazine is committed to delivering engaging content with valuable commentary from the pressurized piping industry's most respected experts. Intended to initiate conversation, drive collaboration, and support innovation, we encourage you to join the dialogue today!

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VOL. VII, NO 4 2015          View Full Issue

INNOVATIONS28No42015.jpgIn This Issue

Executive Outlook - Up Your Game
Leon Wolmarans, Vice President, Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain, T.D. Williamson.

Global Perspective - Pipelines Need More Certainty In The Permitting Process
Martin Edwards, Vice President - Legislative Affairs Director, Interstate Natural Gas Association of America.

 Technology Focus - To Pig the Unpiggable Line
With effort - reconstruction, modification, maybe a good cleaning - there's virtually no reason a pipeline system can't be made piggable.

Safety Matters - No More Rocky Road
How gaining social license can smooth the way for pipeline operators. 

Future Thinking - More Waivers Could Be On The Way For Deepwater Pipeline Hydrotesting
Offshore operators seek to bypass hydrotesting through alternative line proving processes.

Market Report - The Economic Benefits Of Consolidation, Focus, and Partnership
Abdel M. Zellou, PH.D., Director of Market Development, Gathering & Midstream, T.D. Williamson.

Test and Test Again - Pressure Testing and Inline Inspection Increase Depth of Understanding
Alternative methods and new technologies - used alone or in combination with hydrotesting - may help provide a more comprehensive way for operators to identify and address potential problems. 

Touch Points - TDW Events, Papers and Conferences

Loss Prevention and Insurance
An added benefit of loss prevention programs: they can help optimize your insurance costs.

By The Numbers
Five Whys of Pigging Automation

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