Shareholder return, increasing regulation, a more involved public, and the ever-present need for risk reduction and mitigation. Simply put, managing pipelines and processing plants is an often overwhelming challenge. Innovations™ magazine, however, makes it slightly more manageable. 

From industry innovation, to market trending and analysis, the editorial staff at Innovations™ magazine is committed to delivering engaging content with valuable commentary from the pressurized piping industry's most respected experts. Intended to initiate conversation, drive collaboration, and support innovation, we encourage you to join the dialogue today!

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VOL. VI, NO. 4 OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2014           View Full Issue


Cover Story
Distributing Innovation
Working together for a sustainable future, distribution operators and regulators explore revolutionary regulatory models to spur industry innovation.


​Future Thinking
Pushing Limits, Celebrating Failures
Overcoming unique operator challenges through rapid prototyping and 3D printing, such as development of inline inspection platforms to safely assess hydrogen pipelines.

Feature Story
Eliminate Risk
Driving toward more stable energy supplies, European operators build new infrastructure, repurpose existing, and seek new technologies to ensure their future.


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