Shareholder return, increasing regulation, a more involved public, and the ever-present need for risk reduction and mitigation. Simply put, managing pipelines and processing plants is an often overwhelming challenge. Innovations™ magazine, however, makes it slightly more manageable. 

From industry innovation, to market trending and analysis, the editorial staff at Innovations™ magazine is committed to delivering engaging content with valuable commentary from the pressurized piping industry's most respected experts. Intended to initiate conversation, drive collaboration, and support innovation, we encourage you to join the dialogue today!

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VOL. 29, No.1 2016          View Full Issue

Innovations-1-2016.jpgIn This Issue

Executive Outlook - Your Competitive Edge
Caroline Anberree, Vice President, Human Resources T.D. Williamson.

Global Perspective - United States Natural Gas Prices Feel the Pressure as Storage Reaches Record Levels
Jeff Moore, Senior Energy Analyst, Platts Bentek Products.

Technology Focus - Prioritizing in the Pipeline
A New Tool in the Fight Against Selective Seam Weld Corrosion.

Safety Matters - Reducing Risk by Reducing Exposure

Automation as a Benefit to Health, Safety, and the Environment. 

Future Thinking - Addressing the NDE Technician Shortage
As Demand Outpaces Supply, the Oil and Gas Industry Looks for Creative Solutions.

Market Report - Preserving Knowledge; Preparing for the Future
The Oil and Gas Industry and " The Great Crew Change".

Safe Passage
With More North American Crude Being Moved to Market from the Bakken and Canadian Oil Sands, Pipeline and Rail Operators Share Responsibility for Improving Industry Safety. 

Touch Points - TDW Events, Papers and Conferences

A Global Race Against Time
As the World's Gathering Lines Get Older, Industry Experts Search for Solutions.

By The Numbers
Three Steps of Pipe Identification

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