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INNOVATIONS™ is our very own quarterly magazine. Each full-color issue features information from all aspects of our operations, including updates on our products and services as well as profiles of the dedicated personnel from around the world who keep us innovative.

For a complimentary subscription to INNOVATIONS™ magazine, send your name, title, company, email address and mailing address to INNOVATIONS@tdwilliamson.com.

If you would like to receive an electronic subscription to INNOVATIONS™ magazine (via your email), click here to submit your information.

Innovations™ Magazine July - September 2013
Crises...It's Coming: TDW provides comprehensive assessment, planning, tools and execution to mitigate damage in advance of pipeline failure.

INNOVATIONS™ Magazine April - June 2013
TDW achieves two firsts as it introduces Kazakhstan to STOPPLE® Train plugging technology. 

INNOVATIONS Magazine January - March 2013
Staying in Touch: The SmartTrack system enables remote tracking and pressure monitoring for inline tools.


INNOVATIONS™ October - December 2012 - Advances in NDE technologies facilitate data gathering and decision making.
INNOVATIONS™ July - September 2012 - Diary of a Data Analyst.
INNOVATIONS™ April - June 2012 - A new remote-controlled hot tapping machine will revolutionize subsea maintenance and intervention.
INNOVATIONS™ Jan-Mar 2012 - Smart Solution addresses the needs of the wet gas market.
INNOVATIONS™ Autumn 2011 - Bright Ideas: The STOPPLE® Train plugging system is just one example of TDW innovation at its very best.
INNOVATIONS™ Summer 2011 - TDW Offshore Services provides pressure isolation and monitoring technology to the Gulf of Mexico.
INNOVATIONS™ Spring 2011 - Uncompromising Dedication: TDW commits itself to providing World Class products and services.
INNOVATIONS™ Winter 2011 - Raising the Bar: TDW offers advanced technology for enhanced seam assessments.
INNOVATIONS™ Autumn 2010 - Expanding Commitment: TDW India's new facility broadens its service capabilities.
INNOVATIONS™ Summer 2010 - Preparing for the Unknown: TDW helps pipeline operators establish emergency response plans.
INNOVATIONS™ Spring 2010 - Points of Connection: TDW signs on to social media as another way to stay in touch.
INNOVATIONS™ Winter 2010 - Faces of Tomorrow: TDW Offshore Services prepares for the future.
INNOVATIONS™ Autumn 2009 - Inspiring Inspection: Addressing customer needs drives the advance of inline inspection technology.
INNOVATIONS™ Summer 2009 - Project Managment: TDW draws upon worldwide resouces to provide innovative solutions.
INNOVATIONS™ Spring 2009 - Cellular Manufacturing: TDW goes lean to boost efficiency & reduce lead times.
INNOVATIONS™ Winter 2009 - Global Training Center: TDW's expanded facility simulates real world conditions.